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Like a Concierge Team on Your Phone

It’s here. The last long weekend of summer. Your mission: using your time wisely. Your secret weapon: this list of local apps, which help you do everything from monitor the mess on I-95 to make bottle service reservations. Godspeed.

Spending the Weekend on a Yacht

Spending the Weekend on a Yacht

The Gist: You’ll want to be on the open seas this weekend. This is the quickest way to rent yourself a vessel, sorted here by size, price and location.
What You’ll Do: Book a 42-foot Sea Ray yacht (for roughly $2,200/day).
Keywords: shipmates, champagne, sea legs

iRentaBoat, available now for iPhone

An Iconic Hotel in App Form

An Iconic Hotel in App Form

The Gist: Like the hotel itself, the Fontainebleau’s app is mammoth—hundreds of pages detailing the hotel’s spa, restaurants, shops and clubs.
What You’ll Do: Check who’s spinning at LIV, book reservations at Scarpetta, request a poolside cabana. In other words, plan your weekend.
Keywords: gold bikinis, mind-blowing spaghetti

Fontainebleau Miami Beach, available now for iPhone and Android

Tickets to Bardot, Streamlined

Tickets to Bardot, Streamlined

The Gist: Midtown’s secretive speakeasy just got less... secretive. And more smartphone-friendly.
What You’ll Do: You’ll have your run of the club’s live performance schedule, get concert tickets, RSVP to a show or reserve your spot on the velvet couch.
Keywords: angular haircuts, skinny jeans, ironic smoking

Being a Traffic God

Being a Traffic God

The Gist: All the traffic cameras in Miami-Dade, with a heavy emphasis on I-95, now at your fingertips.
What You’ll Do: Browse intersections before heading to the Keys or up to Palm Beach, and then wait for her to ask how you knew not to take the Palmetto.
Keywords: road tripping, making good time

Traffic Miami, available now for iPhone

Like OpenTable for Wall Nightclub

Like OpenTable for Wall Nightclub

The Gist: It’s like being there with a Kardashian, minus the risk of getting a stiletto through your wingtips.
What You’ll Do: Browse photo galleries of the club’s events, track upcoming parties, arrange for bottle service. Much easier than tipping/bribing the bouncer at the door.
Keywords: French DJs, aviators at night

Wall Miami Beach, available now for iPhone

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