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Shopping in Army Barracks on La Brea

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When you shop in most cities, you go to a store. Vertical walls. Muzak. Friendly retail associates named Naomi and Peter.

But here you shop for quality vintage in army barracks. That’s just another day in Los Angeles.

Introducing Post 42, an intriguing new old-timey shop and design studio, soft-open now in a pair of corrugated steel barracks plopped right onto La Brea.

First of all, yes—the barracks (called Quonset huts) are the real deal. American soldiers bunked down in them more than 70 years ago during WWII. And now... the stuff inside is still about that old.

So if you’ve recently decided to redesign your place to go Thirsty Crow rustic, proprietor Matt Winter is your guy. He codesigned that bar and the Bigfoot West log cabin, and he’s really into American goods older than your grandfather. So from his HQ in hut #1, he can make your new wet-bar wing look remarkably ancient. In a good way.

But if you’re just looking for a messenger bag made from WWII-era tents, a rugged leather wallet or chairs that’ll add a little farmhouse authenticity to your back porch, you’ll want to poke around hut #2. The store’s just getting started, but soon you could find anything from exclusive Levi’s collaborations to Red Wing boots.

Right after you drop and give him 20.


Post 42
107 N La Brea Ave
(at 1st St)
Los Angeles, CA, 90036


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