Indigo Farm

Miner Detail

Rugged Style in Santa Monica

Classic style usually means looking back a few decades, but really classic style means going back a little further.

Like a couple centuries.

For this level of nostalgia, you must step inside the new Indigo Farm pop-up shop at Fred Segal Man—a temporary home for a singular collection of ultra-classic menswear not available anywhere else in the country.

Limited to just 20 pieces, the store's new collaboration with the cult-favorite brand is heavy on denim that feels of-the-moment and rare—only 50 or 60 of each piece have been made—but rugged enough to be worn by a 19th-century miner. (Assuming 19th-century miners got worked up about Zimbabwean cotton.) In addition to the dungarees—which will be handed over to you in a wooden box—you'll also find basic oxfords, linen gingham button-ups and corduroys that were indigo rope-dyed so they'll age like jeans.

Of course, if you're feeling a little less 19th-century workman and a little more cosmic rock star, then the calfskin hoodie or the three-piece handmade denim luggage set (one of only three that were made) will likely suffice.

Not quite the same as striking gold, but you'll take it.


Indigo Farm
420 Broadway
(at 5th)
Santa Monica
Santa Monica, CA, 90401

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