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SF’s First Polaroid Portrait Studio

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Generally speaking, progress is good.

But sometimes it’s nice to take a step back.

Then take a photo.

Then wait a few minutes.

Then shake it...

Introducing Photobooth, a new photography-obsessed instant portrait studio and gallery that also sells all things Polaroid, hosting its grand-opening party Saturday on Valencia Street.

Basically, everything you’ll find here has something to do with Polaroids. So expect things like refurbished (camera lingo for “functional”) Polaroid cameras for sale and instant film (they’re the only West Coast distributor for Polaroid film from the Impossible Project) as well as other instant camera paraphernalia.

But the main draw is that before or after dinner and drinks at Beretta, you can lead your date into this high-ceilinged, white, loft-like space and walk out with Polaroid and tintype portraits. (If you’re not familiar with tintype, it’s an early version of the photograph dating back to Civil War times that’s printed onto metal.)

If you happen in on a gallery opening night—or their launch party this Saturday—margaritas and other beverages will be at your disposal.

Proper hydration during photo shoots is key.


1193 Valencia St
(at 23rd)
San Francisco, CA, 94110


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