Blood Simple

Seriously Strong Shots of Java

None You look a tad sleepy today.

You could probably use a little coffee pick-me-up.

Or five, let’s say. At 40 times the caffeine strength of normal coffee.

Presenting the Black Blood of the Earth Sampler, featuring five coffee blends that make Starbucks look like your grandparents’ decaf, available now.

Forget a B12 shot. Forget those glass vials of foul-tasting ginseng at the local bodega. Forget 5-Hour Energy (or its sworn enemy, 6-Hour Energy). The next time you rise from the dead after a punishing night out doing things that we cannot mention here (and until all hours of the morning), you’ll just grab one of these pre-brewed 50ml tubes.

What’s contained in them: one of five different blends (Kona, Sumatra, Ethiopian, Kenyan and Colombian) that have been cold-vacuum extracted. What that means in non–Juan Valdez-ian industry speak: the caffeine strength of this brew is 40 times the normal dosage (so, you know, don’t rip into one of these before hitting the sack).

You can dilute it with water over ice, or just destroy your sleepiness by upending one and quickly downing it like Dr. Jekyll transforming into the classily rambunctious Mr. Hyde.

Or in your case: Dr. Was Out Until 4am turning into Mr. Has a Presentation at 9am.


Black Blood of the Earth Sampler

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