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A Cocktail and Bocce Bar by the Fox

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Bar sports are bar sports.

And lawn games are lawn games.

But today, we’re breaking down barriers, shattering preconceived notions... and figuring out how to balance a martini glass and a bocce ball.

Welcome Make Westing, a cavernous sanctuary for serious cocktails and high-stakes bocce, slated to open next week steps from the Fox Theater.

Inspired by a Jack London story about sailing around Cape Horn between New York and California, this bar has a slight industrial, mariner bent that could easily coax the drunken sailor out of you if you let it.

But don’t expect any speakeasy-ish decor. If anything, it’s got more of a blue-collar edge, with concrete beams, steel working tables and metal drop lamps. Head toward the seafaring compass sitting atop the slate bar and give a nod to your bartender.

Once you’re armed with cocktails—like the honey-infused Killer Bee Martini, or the scotch/amaretto Rusty Grinder—you’ll be ready to approach the bocce courts. There are two. And while they’re not quite regulation, you’ll have plenty of room to play. (Just remember, it’s a game of finesse...)

Oh, we should mention that this space was once a jewelry store. And that there’s a massive, black safe in back that they haven’t been able to open...

Finders, keepers.


Make Westing
1741 Telegraph Ave
(at 18th)
Oakland, CA, 94618


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