Parking Break

Introducing GottaPark

Ah, parking. It's no fun, but it's not something you can really put off, either. After all, how can you nail that presentation/social appointment if you're still doing laps around the office/bar?

Here to assist: the aptly named GottaPark.com, launching next Tuesday and taking registrations now.

GottaPark helps you secure a killer parking space before you hit the streets, thus reducing time, irritation and longing questions of, "When will I ever meet a regular nice spot, with no hidden agendas or fire hydrants?" There are bound to be some startup hiccups with this, but the general concept couldn't be simpler: Type in the address where you want to find parking and the date/time, and GottaPark will generate a list of available spots, along with a map and info on each location, such as distance from destination and price. Reserve and pay for your spot online, bring your confirmation page to the space, and that's it.

If you have a driveway or garage, you can even rent out your own parking spaces on the site, setting your own rates and making money for doing virtually nothing.

Which, unlike parking, is an activity you're quite fond of.

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