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Oysters and Slushies in Kendall Square

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There’s a choking, muggy heat still gripping the city.

Your air conditioner has done all it can to cool your core body temp.

Time to call in the cavalry. And by cavalry, we’re of course referring to boozy slushies.

Take a gander at Abigail’s, Kendall Square’s newest neighborhood bastion for rabble-rousing, slushies and Gouda Fries, opening for dinner Friday.

Think of this as your new go-to for those times when a BBQ’d Pork Shoulder with Tobacco Onions sandwich and a cold pint of Nantucket’s own Cisco Whale’s Tale are, for the moment, your key to happiness.

Yes, you’ll want to slide into one of the leathery booths after work with buddies for a few shot combos (think: PBR tallboys and bourbon). But you can also sail in with a date, grab a seat at the natural wood bar made from a single fallen tree found in Western Massachusetts and tackle some ice-cold oysters that are housed in old granite fountains. Feel free to up the gastro-ness with a grass-fed rib eye served with bone marrow butter (your favorite kind).

Of course, if the sun is high in the sky and only a few dark-rum-and-pineapple hurricane slushies will do out on the patio, consider this your best option in the area.

Not to mention your only option.

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