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Drinking in an Old Movie Warehouse

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The simple grilled cheese sandwich: a magnificent little creation.

But there are some inherent problems. It’s little. And simple.

So let’s supersize it, put a frosty mug of ice-cold beer next to it and see what happens.

We predict only good things.

Introducing The Scout, soft-opening this weekend, offering you all the comforts of home—writ large—in the South Loop.

The space was most recently Opera, that velveteen ode to the Orient, and once upon a time, it was a warehouse that stored motion picture canisters. Today, it’s all copper walls, distressed wooden tables and piers hauled from Lake Michigan. And the film vaults are now put to use behind the bar as liquor cabinets. So your booze is safe.

If you live in the neighborhood, you’ll come here before heading downtown. Set up at the front table and fortify yourself with a foot-long grilled cheese (intensely gooified with American, Wisconsin cheddar and muenster). There are a dozen tap handles for extra fortification.

If you’re down this way—say, for a game of kickball in Grant Park or a certain massive yearly music fest—and need a friendly respite, head to the back. You’ll find mussels basted in Belgian ale, a Fat Reuben sandwich and plenty of televisions if you want to catch the game.

You’re a good multitasker.

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