Moonlight Tours with Zip Tahoe


Tahoe’s Full-Moon Zipline Tour

None Ah, the full moon.

Makes people do crazy things.

But not you.

You’re just going to fly through an alpine forest at 35 mph on steel cables...

Behold Moonlight Tours with Zip Tahoe, a nighttime zipline tour brought to you by the tree-flying pioneers who introduced ziplining to Lake Tahoe, booking reservations now.

Since you’ve probably done your fair share of zipping already, this option is sort of like upping the ante adventure-wise. Essentially, there’s no limit when it comes to the tour you can create (feel free to add an overnight with breakfast). But with the full moon rising a week from Saturday, we’re thinking moonlight’s the way to go.

You just need to place some calls with the guys at Zip Tahoe, along with signing a few waivers, then you’ll be armed with headlamps, trusty harnesses and a guide who will chauffeur your group to the first zip via ATV roughly an hour before sunset.

From there, it’s eight ziplines at high-rise heights over the evergreen canopy, culminating in the final, longest descent that’s two football fields down to a ground landing.

And you should know that these tours are available year-round.

In case summer seems too easy.


Moonlight Tours with Zip Tahoe
1501 Kirkwood Meadows Dr
Kirkwood, CA, 95646

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