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When covering the latest and greatest our city has to offer, sometimes it’s best to just let the numbers do the talking. So allow us to present a quasi-factual, highly numerical and totally useful list of words and numbers about the Back Bay’s new lounge, The Brahmin. You know, for the statistician in you.

Era and theme of the overall decor: 1920s
Brown leather couches on hand to bolster this theme: 16
Old-school silhouette portraits of people and furniture: 36
Number of those depicting Ben Franklin playing chess with Thomas Jefferson: 1
Probability of scoring Truffled Mac and Cheese and a plate of fried pickles while visiting: 100%
Inches above the knee of the bartender’s skirt: 8.5
Health-conscious, antioxidant-rich, off-the-menu cocktails featuring acai vodka and fresh berry puree: 1
Guys wearing a baseball-style tee with “SEAL Team Six” on the back: 1
Probability that guy is a member of SEAL Team Six: 1 in 5 million
Odds of that same guy destroying us if he knew we were talking about him: 2 to 1
Flatbreads we could potentially use as weapons against him: 4


The Brahmin
33 Stanhope St
Boston, MA, 02116


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