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SF’s First Homebrew of the Month Club

UD - Brewlab You’re an upstanding citizen.

You recycle. You hold the elevator for latecomers. Why, just the other day, you lent/applied sunscreen to the redhead in 5A.

In other words, you support your community.

So it’s not a stretch to assume you’d be willing to do the right thing and help out your local homebrewers by taking a few lagers and ales off their hands...

Allow us to introduce Brewlab, a beer club for avid homebrew fans that’s delivering bottles in six-pack increments to your door every month, accepting members now.

Whether you brew beer, or you’re just a really good drinker, this CSA-like beer of the month club puts you in the company of like-minded souls in need of bubbly, fermented hydration.

Like with a farm CSA, you don’t have to brew beer yourself. But we will say it’ll help you get into the club faster (right now there’s a waitlist for non-brewing memberships).

If you go the brewing route, all you really need is the capability to turn a few gallons of malt, hops and yeast into something like a Belgian IPA or Kölsch (at least 40 bottles’ worth). In return, Brewlab will use the donations from the non-brewers to subsidize your brewing costs.

Then, each month they’ll bring you an assortment of homebrews in six-pack form. Or you can forego delivery and handpick each brew yourself.

We hear 5A prefers Hefeweizen.

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