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Whiskey: In Sno-Kone Form

UD - The Manhattan Sno-Kone Yes, you get it. Summer’s hot.

And now, it’s just on the verge of becoming—wait, let us mop the sweat from your forehead—ridiculous.

So fight the ridiculous with the sublime: introducing The Manhattan Sno-Kone, a frosty, high-proof antidote to the current heat wave, now available at Porkchop.

You’ve probably come to think of the Manhattan as your go-to winter drink. The bourbon. The vermouth. The cherry. The roaring fires. The bearskin rugs. Yet by bringing a Manhattan to the very apogee of what an on-the-rocks cocktail can sustain, Porkchop has changed all that.

It all starts, as most good summer things do, with a Sno-Kone machine. Ice will be shaved. It’ll be put into a paper cone. Cute. Innocent. Any ice cream man worth his cherry syrup could handle this. But then things get interesting.

After combining a 90-proof Kentucky whiskey—slightly stronger than your average bourbon—with vermouth, then shaking it all violently, your barman pours the resulting mix on top of that shaved ice. And very important: maraschino cherry juice is added. Crunching your way into the first bite, you’ll feel a chill run down your spine. Your body temp drops. Go with it. All according to the plan.

There is also talk of taking things further. A mojito sno-kone maybe, or perhaps using orange and vanilla vodkas to create a Dreamsicle.

The heat can make you do some pretty sensible things.


The Manhattan Sno-Kone
available at Porkchop
941 W Randolph St
(between Morgan and Sangamon)
Chicago, IL, 60607

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