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A New Beer Haven near Union Square

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Today, we’d like to raise a toast.

To a man who helped turn this hilly, fog-laden patch of land into the city it is today.

His name: Jasper O’Farrell. Among his achievements: completing the first survey of the city. Among his more recent achievements: inspiring your next temple of beer worship.

Presenting Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen, a new haven for beer, serious cocktails and fish-and-chips, opening Wednesday.

It looks like the kind of place where George Jetson would have wound down after a hard day at Spacely Space Sprockets—all moon crater-y ceilings and curving, glossy white banquettes.

You’ll stop by after work, and set up at the long wooden bar at the front. There are 43 beers in bottles, in cans and on tap—including rarities like Telegraph Reserve Wheat—or you can pick from an ample menu of boilermakers and other beer cocktails from a Burritt Room vet. (The bourbon-spiked Wiessen Sour promises good things.)

Then, you’ll want to move either to the big circular booth that loosely separates the bar and restaurant, or to that aforementioned white banquette. From there your options include standard pub fare like bangers and mash, and shepherd’s pie, alongside less standard grub like soft pretzels with beer fondue.

Oh, and because the whole joint’s inside the Serrano Hotel, there’s always the option of getting a room.

Go ahead, bring the fondue.


Jasper's Corner Tap & Kitchen
401 Taylor St
(at O’Farrell St)
San Francisco, CA, 94102


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