Jane’s Sweet Buns

Jane’s Addiction

A Boozy New Bakery in the East Village

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A brief history of the cake.

Ancient Greece:
Birthday candles invented. Trick candles still some ways off.

1804: A bar file concealed inside a gingerbread cake is smuggled into prison. Records show the cake tasted awful.

1895: A woman first jumps out of an oversized cake. Bachelor parties forever changed.

2011: Tom Collins–flavored frosting is born. Funfetti stock shares hit an all-time low.

Behold Jane’s Sweet Buns, a boozy little bakeshop from the folks at Death & Co. that’s serving as ground zero for cocktail-inspired confections, now open.

Think of this as that rarest of opportunities to have your cake (or sticky bun/cobbler pie/savory tartlet) and drink it, too. Because the key ingredient in every pastry here... cinnamon. Kidding, it’s alcohol.

See, the joint’s fiery-haired proprietress, Jane Danger (apparently, Danger’s not her middle name), used to keep bar at spots like Cienfuegos before trading in her muddler for a rolling pin. Hence: butter-brushed Old Fashioned buns with bourbon, pecans, caramel and Angostura bitters.

Like a bar, the place is open late-ish (last call is midnight on Friday and Saturday). Unlike a bar: it looks like a set from Easy-Bake Oven: The Musical. Still, you’re not one to let some hot-pink aprons and strawberry-striped walls keep you from finding a new suitable way to incorporate rum into your breakfast.

Spreading it on your toast was proving to be impossible.

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