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Your First Look at Vito’s Tavern

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This weekend is shaping up to be a good one.

The boat: fueled up. The beach house: well stocked. The company: Austrian (they bring the best snacks).

Then there’s Monday. But don’t worry, you’ll actually want to face this one.

Here’s why: Vito’s Tavern, your new go-to for sports-watching and gorgonzola-chicken-wings-devouring, opening this Monday on Salem Street.

This is where you’ll meet up with buddies in the North End when it’s a “let’s catch the game over beers next to a giant oil painting of Ted Williams” kind of night (strange how often such nights are called for).

So let’s fast-forward to Monday. After a day spent at the office reviewing the weekend (conclusion: it was good, but could’ve had more jet skiing), you’ll want to claim a corner booth with some fellow office czars.

There you’ll catch the game (any game) and start the de-Monday-ing over some cold drafts of Berkshire Steel Rail Ale and something from the eclectic, tavern-y menu. Think: burritos, Korean BBQ tacos and the prosciutto, mozzarella and roasted red pepper North End Burger (nothing says the North End like Korean BBQ and burgers).

And should you land here after a bruising night out, head directly to the Bloody Mary bar, where you can get a Bloody rimmed with spices and loaded with artichoke hearts, jalapeños and cocktail onions.

Tuesdays can be hell, after all.

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