Elements of Style

A Design Lair at the Bass

Sometimes you just need stuff.

Flashlights. Alarm clocks. Black skull coin banks.

You know, basic home necessities. Well, as it happens, we know just the place...

Introducing Elemental, a bright new haven of design-y home goods, now open at the Bass Museum in South Beach.

If you were a fan of Elemental’s previous off–Lincoln Road location, you’ll be happy to know the new spot has most of that store’s same goods—those LED alarm clocks made of wood, the notebooks embossed with grenades and the wine glasses shaped like plastic cups. It’s all the kind of thing that your Wallpaper*-reading lady friend will find charming on her next visit to your lair.

The new space is smaller than the older one, but it still feels like the showroom of some eccentric Italian billionaire—you know, the kind who vacations with Philippe Starck. So the next time you’re entertaining the host committee for Art Basel, you’ll stock up on telescopes made to mimic Galileo’s original model, mirrors that have been sliced in half and life-size piggy banks in hot pink and silver capable of holding up to $10,000 in bills.

You’ve got to put it all somewhere.


at the Bass Museum of Art
2100 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL, 33139

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