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Ice Cream Pizza Right to Your Door

UD - Ice Cream Pizza Delivery Pizza delivery.

In college, you lived on it. These days, you half live on it.

But sometimes you crave something a little sweeter.

And Hells Angels–ier.

And still delivered.

Which brings us to Ice Cream Pizza Delivery, a new pizza messengering service that takes its cues from Häagen-Dazs and that motorcycle chase scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, now dispatching ice cream pies all over the city.

Basically, if Evel Knievel had made a career turn before the whole jumping-over-tractor-trailers thing and instead devoted his hog-riding days to delivering sweet treats all over Boston, he may have ended up on one of these (okay, maybe not, but work with us here).

So the next time you’re entertaining a small crowd at your apartment for the game and suddenly, all at once, there’s a group craving for a brownie-crusted, vanilla ice cream, fudge and artisanal-chocolates-filled-with-raspberry-liqueur-topped Ice Cream Pizza, you’ll call up these guys.

As long as you’re in Boston proper, the Cosmic Cruiser—a customized Victory Kingpin motorcycle complete with a freezer box sidecar holding up to 10 frosty pies—will roar into your neighborhood ready to complete that dinner of supreme salted cured meats and French wine.

If the driver’s head bursts into flames revealing a skull and a demonic bike, you may have had too much wine.


Ice Cream Pizza Delivery
from Emack & Bolio’s

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