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You’ve Got Something in Your Teeth

UD - Toothpict It happens.

You’re on Facebook reviewing pictures taken at a recent dinner with friends and you notice you had a rack of lamb stuck between your incisors.

At least, that’s what it seems like when you notice there was food in your teeth.

If only someone gave you a heads-up...

Presenting Toothpict, a new app for alerting friends when stray foodstuffs happen to be lodged in their teeth, available now on iTunes.

So picture it: you’re at a delightful brunch with some fellow immaculately dressed friends. Before you, a royal banquet of poppy seed bagels, whole grain toast and monstrous egg white omelets with spinach and corn. And mimosas. Ah, the mimosas.

As the espressos are being ordered, you notice your friend across the table has a hunk of something in between their bicuspids (poppy seeds, corn and spinach are the unholy triumvirate of potential food-in-teeth hazards). Suddenly, someone suggests a group photo...

It’s then you’ll pull up this app, and when the cartoony image of a set of teeth pops up, you’ll tap where the food is stuck in their chompers and even say what kind of food it is (corn, spinach, seed). Just text the image across as a way to heroically notify them that a single kernel of corn is about to sully their thousand-watt grin in a photograph for all eternity.

It’s classier than just reaching over and digging it out for them.

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