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Cocktails and Pitches in Century City

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At the risk of stating the obvious: there are things you do in a hotel that aren’t for public knowledge.

You might have someone on your arm. Or some top-secret documents in your briefcase. Or a blinding need for another cup of coffee. (Your barista must never know.)

For those times, there’s the Glass Lounge, a covert hotel lounge for caffeinating, drinking and pitch meeting-ing, now quietly open in Century City.

Cut through the lobby of the InterContinental and toward the back, and you’ll see it—an intimate corner room of cozy couches, communal seating and plenty of glass, mostly in window form. It’s open day and night for anytime the coffee shop’s too public, the lobby lounge is too indiscreet and a hotel room is... too soon. (Nothing says discretion like glass walls.)

Come early for some coffee and the paper, stroll over from CAA for an off-grid place to unfurl a sensitive pitch or bring your laptop to get some work done over some sushi and a view of the garden. Productivity: great.

But it’ll be more fun to come around sundown with a date who’s thirsty for a Looking Glass Martini (it’s raspberry-infused vodka, champagne, orange liqueur and white cranberry juice).

It’s time for reflection.


Glass Lounge
at the InterContinental Century City
2151 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA, 90067


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