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Rum and Girl Scout Cookies on the Common

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We’ve decided it’s hot outside.

And when it’s super balmy like this, you want a safe haven replete with martinis and foie gras.

Aka a humidity buster.

Meet Avery Bar, a new ’50s-inspired den of marble and leather for cooling off with rum swizzles and Girl Scout cookies, now open in the Theatre District.

So say you’re out near the Common, and it seems like the ozone layer has completely deteriorated right over Boston, requiring some A/C and something stiff, cold and served with gin immediately (it’s the normal reaction).

Simply brush the single bead of sweat from your brow and grab a seat at the center marble bar, where you’ll rehydrate with a Vesper martini (gin, vodka, Lillet Blanc, lemon twist) and a cured meat platter stocked with the likes of duck prosciutto and pork saucisson (we know: the meat is sort of anti-hydrating, but it’s delicious).

Then, you’ll finish it off with a selection of mini Girl Scout–inspired cookies (Samoas were meant to be paired with vodka).

After several rounds of martinis, salted meats and perhaps the rogue pisco sour, you’ll chat up that Sophie Marceau–esque visiting professor of French poetry (she’s in town for Bastille Day), stylishly seated on the retro-ish leather couch and fanning her face with a book.

This is the one time opening with the weather would be acceptable.

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