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Japanese Steak with 75 Bottles of Sake

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We hate to spoil your weekend plans.

So go have fun. Grill steaks. Eat some lobster. Lose yourself in a few cocktails.

Just be aware that on Monday, you’ll have to do it all over again.

Prepare for Roka Akor, the latest and certainly the most sprawling entry in the scene of Japanese grilling, opening next week.

By now, you’re familiar with this robata thing—the barbecue equivalent of a sushi bar—so here’s a handy breakdown of Roka:

The Lounge: Love seats; low lights; bar made from a single tree trunk.
Perfect for...: That “impromptu” drink and a Hamachi Serrano Chili Roll with a certain person in your office who is always, annoyingly, all business.
Key attributes: 75 kinds of sake.

The Robata: Prime beef, Wagyu and lamb cutlets sizzling inches from your face.
Perfect for...: Those starved for entertainment; those who are starving.
Key attributes: Chefs yelling orders in Japanese; flashing LED lights; aroma of beef.

The Dining Room: Big tables; entire glass wall serving as wine cellar.
Perfect for...: Your mother, who simply doesn’t understand why these chefs must yell in the first place.
Key attributes: Away from yelling chefs; close to wine.

The Private Dining Room: Hidden in the back; rock and tree branch sculptures.
Perfect for...: Those partners meetings where ordering Roasted King Crab with Chili Lime Butter is considered bold office politics.
Key attributes: Retractable screens; LED projectors; high office Wii tournament potential.

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