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Craft Beer and Sandwiches on the High Line

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The High Line and your grandma’s house.

Yesterday, they had nothing in common.

Today, well, they both have a front porch.

Introducing The Porch, an elevated, 40-seat alfresco eatery on the actual High Line, with craft beer, gourmet sandwiches and views that stretch straight out across the Hudson, open now.

We’ve sent you near, under, above, perpendicular to and slightly just off to the right of the High Line, but till now, you haven’t had a reason to actually go on it. Well, at least not a reason that prominently involved a pint of Sixpoint.

So you’ll climb above 15th Street for an extremely lenient lunch hour (they’re open till 10pm). Order up an iced honey lemon verbena tea, pair it with a thinly sliced ham and herb farm butter sandwich and settle in at a sun-exposed metal two-top for what’ll be the foreseeable future.

If you’re staying cityside this weekend, you’ll want to pick a day, arrive early and make friends with the six-headed tap that’s hand-pouring local libations like Kelso, Ommegang and a trio of New York wines.

Perfect time to break out that six-way bendy straw.


The Porch
on the High Line
W 15th and 10th Ave
New York, NY, 10014


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