Things to do for June 30, 2011

The Weekender

Tequila Throwdowns, 6am Whiskey and Fly-Fishing

The weekend is crossing the Potomac.<br />

Dodge City Unveils Its Back Patio

Dodge City Unveils Its Back Patio

You love your outdoor drinking, but when the mercury tops 90, it’s enough to make you head indoors for the A/C. Unless... someone is there to mist you. Yes, at Dodge City’s new two-level outdoor patio, a hose and a big fan ensure you won’t overheat. Now back to the beer.

Cocktail Throwdown at Quill

Cocktail Throwdown at Quill

After this weekend, you’ll be taking all future Mondays off. Good thing, because you’ll spend next Sunday sampling tequila cocktails from six of the city’s top bartenders. While you help judge, you’ll feast on small bites... and a few more cocktails from Quill’s list. Sunday is the new Thursday.

Tickets on sale now for Jul 10, 2-6pm, $50, Quill, The Jefferson, 1200 16th St NW, reserve here or at 202-448-3274

Catoctin Creek Distillery Store Opens

Catoctin Creek Distillery Store Opens

Thanks to a change in Virginia law, this infant distiller of gin, whiskey and brandy in Loudoun can now sell on site. You might want to go on Saturday when a live band plays... but no, you like whiskey too much. May we suggest you get there right when the doors open—at 6am Friday.

Tours and sales Fri-Sun, Catoctin Creek, Purcellville, VA, 540-751-8404

Gratis Fly-Fishing Classes at Orvis

Gratis Fly-Fishing Classes at Orvis

Your new life of leisure dictates new pursuits. Like fly-fishing. Pick up some tips as Orvis offers its Fly 101 and 201 classes totally gratis. Give our regards to Cheney when you hit Wyoming.

Sat-Sun through Jul 17, no cost, Orvis, 703-465-0004, call for times and reservations

Picnic in Poste’s Courtyard

Picnic in Poste’s Courtyard

You’ve got a perfect rooftop perch picked out for the fireworks. You just need a worthy pregame spot. Enter this picnic in Poste’s garden courtyard, where you can pick from stuff like grilled corn, watermelon with sea salt and Root Beer Glazed Spare Ribs. Which go well with regular beer.

Jul 4, 2-8pm, $27, Poste, 555 8th St NW, reserve at 202-783-6060

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