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Drinking Sangria over Boston Harbor

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Liberty Wharf.

It’s gotten seriously good in the last few months.

But as the old saying goes, anything that’s good can be made better with a new rooftop patio (note: that saying is actually fairly new).

So get ready for the Legal Harborside Roof Deck, a huge new venue for post-work alfresco cocktailing while overlooking Boston Harbor, opening tonight at Liberty Wharf.

First of all, we know: Legal’s. Corporate-y. Chain-y. But as you can see, what you have here is a sprawling, fully retractable glass ceiling-ed patio for a bottle of prosecco while taking in the open sea air (provided no garbage barges are floating nearby).

So starting tonight, you’ll grab your new executive assistant (you know, for shop talk), head to Legal Harborside and take the elevator to the third floor (only junior executives take the stairs). Then: claim a couple wicker chairs or a two-seater couch and wave over a few pitchers of red sangria or Purple Jesus (just like regular Jesus, only with a lot more Absolut).

Of course, if the Sox are on, you can just belly up to the bar and test the mettle of your assistant’s sports knowledge over several Boston Strong Boys (whiskey, Drambuie, lemonade, lager).

Which also happens to be the name of your intramural polo team.

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