Dance. Party. Brunch.

Yard Shtick

An Abandoned Schoolyard of Boozy Brunching

UD - Dance. Party. Brunch. So, elementary school, those were some pretty crazy times.

Juice box bingeing. Experimental finger painting. Completely unhinged spelling bees. It all seems like a big blur now.

Which is precisely why we think you’re ready to make a triumphant return.

Kind of. Mostly we’re just talking about a brunch party in a schoolyard.

Welcome to Dance. Party. Brunch., a seven-course midday soiree that’s running wild in the back of a Nolita schoolhouse, with tickets on sale now for this Saturday.

In many ways, this is a lot like the recess of your younger days. The new: a house DJ, a hotly contested bocce ball court and strawberry champagne-laced popsicles. The old: hula hoops, hopscotch and the perpetual possibility of an impromptu game of freeze tag.

Above all else, you’re coming to this 4,000-square-foot, sun-exposed blacktop for what essentially amounts to an adult group playdate. Just with the tables thrown away in favor of a dance floor (though we’d assume there are still carpet squares available upon request).

And while you’re up and moving, waiters will intermittently bring around a medley of brunch staples that have been reverse engineered into finger foods. Think warm homemade pop-tartlets, already-sauce-dipped tater tots and soft-boiled eggs that’ve been wrapped in sausage, coated in bread crumbs and fried to a crisp.

All that’s missing is the Snorks lunch box.


Dance. Party. Brunch.
233 Mott St
(at Prince St)
New York, NY, 10012

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