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First Look: Ethyl’s Beer & Wine Dive

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Update: opening Sunday at 2pm

Think of an Ethyl.

Any Ethyl.

We know, it’s not exactly like thinking of a Claudia. But trust us: when it comes to playing pinball, eating fried chicken and crushing beer cans on foreheads, an Ethyl beats a Claudia every time. Always keep one on speed dial.

In fact, give a hearty slap on the back to Ethyl’s Beer & Wine Dive, a down-and-dirty, good-time bar opening this weekend in the West Loop.

Located in the former Stanley’s (the sign is still up, don’t be confused), it now looks like a rec room that hasn’t been touched since 1981—i.e., the pinnacle of the beer-can-collecting era, and they have 50 cans on the menu if you’d like to revive it.

For kicks, try the Frank Thomas pinball machine or play an antique shuffleboard console rescued from some grubby old Cal City tavern. But on warm evenings, you’ll just lounge on the patio, drinking a Cold Ethyl, the only piña colada we know named after an old Alice Cooper song.

The guys behind Mia Francesca/Davanti Enoteca/Dough Boys/et al. teamed with a Stanley’s owner for this place. So if you don’t want Fried Chicken and Bacon-Cheddar Waffles or a Pork Belly and Eggs midnight breakfast, just call Dough Boys for pizza—the number’s even on the menu.

You should really have them on speed dial, too.

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