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Steamer Trunk Service at the Cosmo

UD - Customized Steamer Trunks Vegas can happen to anyone at any time.

So when you go to sleep in your bed and somehow wake up on the Strip, it’s good to know all your essentials will be there waiting.

And by essentials we mean a steamer trunk filled with scotch, hummus and a rubber ducky...

Introducing the Cosmopolitan’s Customized Steamer Trunks, leather footlockers stocked with whatever daytime, nighttime, celebratory and morning-after amenities you might require, available now as room service in your suite or cabana.

Basically, what we’re dealing with here is a clear case of (travel) history repeating itself. Just like the A-listers of yore, you’ll have a crate of luggage delivered by butler and opened by support staff. Only it won’t contain a closet’s worth of zoot suits so much as it will a microbrewery’s worth of beer. Or a dim sum feast. Or dry martinis.

At this point, you, your closest friends and the comely cohorts you met 45 minutes ago at the baccarat table will be free to rummage through the container’s treasures until either the reposado runs out, or you get sick of playing hide-and-go-seek with it.

Of course, it’s important to remember that the giant amenities menu is really just a suggestion. The contents of your trunk are actually only limited by your imagination.

Good thing you kept the rider from your last North American tour.

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