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There’s something missing from your steak.

Don’t panic—the creamed spinach is still there.

But the boys down in our Meat Analysis Division seem to think you’re running short on one ingredient:

A gentle breeze.

Cue the outdoor steakhouse...

Introducing the STK Rooftop, an open-air porterhouse perch where you’ll consume red meat and scotch a full 25 feet directly above the High Line, opening Friday.

At this point, you’re probably a bit shocked. First, that a chophouse club like STK hadn’t already airlifted its curved banquettes onto the veranda. And second, that there was a single unoccupied roof left in the MPD.

Still, you’ll approach this 200-seat, sun-exposed deck party much as you would any other lounge in the area... except with a slightly larger appetite. Because in addition to a porchful of low-slung couches, carefully mixed Manhattans and a bird’s-eye view of the High Line, there’s a massive flat-top grill up here that’ll be searing the steakhouse equivalent of alfresco fare.

Which, in case you haven’t already deduced for yourself, is basically just a fancy way of saying that things like the barbecued skewers are lavishly staked with Maine lobster and cowboy rib eye.

By lavishly, of course, we mean recklessly.


STK Rooftop
26 Little West 12th St
(4th Floor of STK)
New York, NY, 10014


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