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Introducing Beer Taffy

UD - Beertaffy It’s Monday and it’s dreary. Here are a few things that could lift your spirits:

A prime parking spot near work.

A work buddy who owes you a favor producing Bruins tickets for Game 6 tonight.

Learning construction on your lake house has finished early and under budget.

Beer taffy.

About that last one: introducing Beertaffy, available now online for your sweet tooth/beer palate.

If Jim Koch were a special products developer for Willy Wonka, you’d get this. It’s genuine saltwater taffy, injected with actual beer. (It’s sort of the opposite of when you dunk Snickers bites into your Guinness.)

So the next time a moment of merriment is needed (say, after an email from Mom reminding you about getting Dad a Father’s Day gift), you’ll reach in your desk, move the box of wasabi truffles out of the way and pull out a box of these.

The only difficult thing about them: deciding between the ones containing a shot of chocolate-y stout beer and the ones containing a hoppy IPA brew.

And how many boxes to get Dad.

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