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The lines. The heat. Your principled refusal to try on pants one leg at a time.

Yes, summer shopping can be stressful. So we thought you should know we’ve found someone who will get you a little bourbon... in your changing room.

Presenting Billy Reid, a new sanctuary of Southern charm in the form of seersucker suits and whiskey, now open in Highland Park Village.

You’re familiar with Reid’s cozy old NorthPark home: the plaid bow ties. The photos of Billy’s family. And Frank, the white-tailed buck head on the wall.

Now imagine if they took that shop out of NorthPark and dropped it in the HPV. Because that’s kind of what they did. Everything is from Alabama or right here in Texas—from the old pinewood floors (sourced in Fort Worth) to the refurbished pharmacy drawers housing the suit jackets (from ’Bama). Even Frank—yes, they brought the buck over from the old place—is from Texas.

So you’ll stop by when you’re in need of some slyly Southern, summer-ready gear—think canvas sneakers (produced with K-Swiss), knit ties, smart gingham shirts. And when you inevitably find yourself confronting that old summer question—what do I wear to a wedding in this heat?—you’ll come back for a cotton suit, made in Italy.

Also works at Lake Como.


Billy Reid
70 Highland Park Village
Dallas, TX, 75205


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