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A Lady with 300 Whiskeys and 100 Beers

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Let’s be blunt. This town doesn’t really need another Irish bar.

But say one opened tonight. And say it had 300 whiskeys, 100 or so beers and, hypothetically, something lobster mac and cheese-ish.

Boom, there you go: need created.

So let’s introduce you to Lady Gregory’s, a lavish temple of Celtic excess, soft-opening tonight in Andersonville.

You’re probably familiar with its siblings, Beckett’s and Wilde—this one takes its name from one of Oscar Wilde’s Irish literary contemporaries—so you’ll be in friendly territory: ornate sculpted wood bar, grand stained-glass fixtures, a sunny book-lined library perfect for drinking and a brick-lined wine vault perfect for your next dinner party of bourbon-pistachio pâté, lobster de Jonghe and Guinness shepherd’s pie.

Things will be mostly beer-fueled on opening weekend (Andersonville’s Midsommarfest insanity and all that). By Monday, your drinking takes a more elegant turn. Start with local whiskey (Andersonville’s Koval) before heading for far-off lands (i.e., whiskey exclusively made for last year’s Islay malt fest). If you’re still in the beer mood, however, there’s always local newcomer 5 Rabbit, bottled just this week.

Consider yourself the welcome wagon.

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