Like an LA Club, in Boston

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So: big game tonight.

If all goes well this evening, by next week you may be in the mood to dance.

If not, you’ll probably want to avoid anything reeking of hockey or organized team sports of any kind.

Either way, we can help...

Take your first gander at Bijou, a two-story oasis of prodigious lounging, dancing and cocktailing, tentatively opening next weekend in the Theatre District.

This feels like the kind of huge, bi-level nightclub you’d find in Hollywood. You know: sleek, minimal, Entourage-y. And, if we were to guess, filled with a lot of beautiful people once it opens.

You’ll want to bring a few friends (up to 635, in fact), filter up the stairs to the first floor and claim a corner booth. As the DJ cross-fades from Prince into... non-Prince, you’ll get the night under way with some finger foods (think: meat skewers) and several Mamie Taylors (scotch, lime juice, ginger beer).

Then, when your feet/hips can no longer be contained, you’ll head up to the second-floor dance hall. Waiting for you there: a roaring custom sound system, two LED-lit bars, more leather booths and a second DJ ready to get busy.

Try not to show him up.

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