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Getting Massaged in a Maine Treehouse

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Ewoks. Talk about living.

Nothing but frolicking in the woods, hanging out in treehouses and singing folk songs (we’re a fan of the “Yub Nub” one).

Well, we just found something similar in Maine. And, yes, it involves massages.

Behold: the Tree Spa at Hidden Pond, a 60-acre beach forest resort in Kennebunkport, Maine, where you can relax like a very flush Ewok, accepting reservations now for next Tuesday’s opening.

So picture it: you’ve just made the hour-and-20-minute trek to Kennebunkport, checked in at the main lodge and thrown on a robe. You’ll walk out to the cliff, look over the beach forest and the ocean, and prepare for a date with relaxation (and a well-trained masseuse).

Waiting for you are three 10-by-12 treehouses turned rustic spa huts, suspended 20 feet above the earth and connected to the cliff by sturdy catwalks. Inside, you’ll find giant windows, a massage bed and mirrors made from a 200-year-old tree that was struck by lightning in Kennebunkport Center. (It was a good century for quality timber.)

And while you’re getting kneaded and worked over during your massage (go ahead, go deep-tissue), you should know the lavender- and mint-based products being used on you were grown right on the farm at the resort.

Fresh lavender is the key to any fine massage.

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