Red Rock Retreat

Retreat Yourself

Sleep-Away Camp at Red Rock

When there's a good time within reach, you're usually in attack mode, alert as a falcon.

But there's no shame in occasionally taking a step back to regroup. (Even Superman had his Fortress of Solitude.)

Helping you perform this (in a very Vegas way): Red Rock Retreat.

Like an adult sleep-away camp, the Retreat is a two-day, two-night affair where you can finally turn off and just be. They're now accepting resies for the summer 2008 season, so we thought we'd run down the itinerary with you.

You'll check in late Sunday afternoon, recharging from your Saturday night with a "disco nap," which is like a regular nap, only there's a better chance your dream will involve the Bee Gees. You'll awaken to a kick-off bowling party, held in the posh VIP Ultra-Lanes (where the 10s aren't limited to the score sheet, wink, wink).

Monday, take in a champagne brunch on the steakhouse patio, then head to Cherry for a solar-powered pool party (the DJ rig and sound system run off rays). Cap the night with Vegas's newest sport, Beer Bingo, or go for a midnight dip back in the Cherry pool, where the dress code is relaxed, to say the least.

You know, sometimes it takes two to regroup…


Red Rock Retreat
11011 W. Charleston Blvd
West of Centre
Las Vegas, NV, 89135

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