Dinner in the Sky

High Chair

A Private Table, Dangling over the Strip

There’s dinner and then there’s dinner in Vegas.

And nothing against dinner, but dinner in Vegas usually means a whole lot more than food.

And sometimes it even means a giant crane.

Welcome to Dinner in the Sky, a private chef’s table hoisted 160 feet in the air, taking reservations now.

If you’ve been chasing the dream of a cross between fine dining and skydiving, your quest ends here. You’ll start by sitting down at a 22-person table in the middle of an empty lot—which should be your first tip-off that something’s less than kosher. Your second tip-off will come when the whole table, including your bolted-down chair and the three-person kitchen in the center, starts lifting off the ground and doesn’t stop until you’re dangling at roughly the height of Niagara Falls. After that... the salad.

The main course is Filet Mignon Medallions in Bordelaise Sauce, but we’ll understand if your mind is on other things. Your chair and footrest are bolted in, but other than a safety harness, there’s nothing between you and thin air.

Sort of like the staff meal at Cirque du Soleil.


Dinner in the Sky
2800 W Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV, 89102

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