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Pizza and Short Ribs in Kendall Square

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The holiday is over. Time to get back to work.

And by work we mean a lengthy lunch. Someplace near MIT. With ice cream sundaes with bacon bits, ideally...

Take your first look at Area Four, your new 95-seat industrial food oasis, now open for breakfast and lunch in Kendall Square.

So starting today, when your office duties have instilled a deep, primal hunger in you for anything not involving grilled bratwursts, grilled burgers or fried foodstuffs (ah, Memorial Day), look to this place to be your saving grace.

Here’s why: there isn’t a grill or a fryer in the house (don’t panic, keep reading). So after you’ve grabbed a seat under the beer growler lights at the bar and scanned the menu (courtesy of the guy behind Lumiere in Newton), you’ll commence lunching. Think: small plates (housemade mozzarella with smoked tomato, duck liver crostini), wood-fired pizzas and Coffee House Porter Braised Grassfed Short Ribs (you know, a light lunch).

In a couple weeks, there will be plenty of local draft ale on tap as well as dinner service, but for now you can wash it all down with a freshly brewed iced tea, some coffee from the conjoined coffee shop next door, a sundae or a freshly squeezed lemonade.

Memorial Day weekend tends to put you on the wagon for a week anyway.

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