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A New Tool to Add to Your Golfing Arsenal

UD - TrackMan Technology Radar can be used for good or evil.

Guided missile targeting: evil (if the bad guys have it).

Meteorological precipitation monitoring: probably good (when it’s sunny to partly sunny).

Honing your golf game: definitely good.

Introducing TrackMan Technology, an intricate golfing contraption made for the pro circuit that uses a little radar technology to improve your swing, available now in Napa at Meadowood’s Golf Performance Studio.

While you’ve been down the old-school bucket of balls road before, it’s time get the right sort of hi-tech antics in your corner—think Doppler missile tracking meets the driving range.

Naturally, you’re not going to find this sort of thing everywhere (those security clearances aren’t what they used to be). So the next time you’re staying up at Meadowood, you can reach out to Doug, their in-house pro, and book a one-hour session.

From there, you’ll get the right balance of objective stats and expert intuition (that’s where Doug comes into play). But the TrackMan will record your swing and take 20-plus measurements—club speed, attack angle and spin rate, for example.

From there, Doug will tease out the meaningful stats, with visual cues from frame-by-frame video of your swing, and translate it so you’ll see improvements in your shots right away.

Ten strokes seem about right.


TrackMan Technology
available at Meadowood
900 Meadowood Ln
St Helena, CA, 94574

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