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Custom Bags in a Downtown Factory

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It’s fair to say you’re a pioneer in at least one of these three trades:

1) Cinema/Photography
2) Vacationing
3) Walking down the street with a laptop

So not just any bag will do for you.

Which brings us to the Killspencer Work/Shop, your chance to help create a completely customized courier, camera or weekend bag right on the factory floor, now open by appointment only.

Because there’s nothing more embarrassing than walking into a café and seeing somebody with the same bag, this is your opportunity to construct one that looks one-of-a-kind... and has that perfectly flask-shaped pocket you can’t seem to find in other couriers.

To begin your journey into bespoke bagging, step into this massive anonymous warehouse, take the unmarked stairs to your right and follow the rock music you’ll hear wafting through the upstairs corridor.

Inside: you and your new design crew will talk form and function before sifting through a trove of buckles, clasps, rare military canvases, truck tarps and webbing that can hold 4,000 pounds without breaking—all to ensure the bag you want is... exactly the bag you want.

And if you find yourself needing some inspiration, they’ve got a drum set, keyboard, ping-pong table and dangling chin-up bar.

We hear Louis Vuitton has the same setup.


Killspencer Work/Shop
440 Seaton St
Unit 203
Los Angeles, CA, 90013


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