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You’ve got a problem.

And once again it centers on a pouty Russian model.

She’s homesick. She misses Moscow winters. She vants to drink wodka and listen to ze deesco music all night long.

Good thing you specialize in making pouty Russian models happy.

Which brings us to Tzar Ultra Lounge, a new fantasyland of chilled vodka vaults, fur-lined ceilings and kaleidoscopic electric floors, now open for your entertainment.

You’ll need the place the next time you’re brokering a deal with some Caspian power players who never even begin talking business until they’ve polished off a few bottles of first-growth ’96 bordeaux, their preferred pre-vodka appetizer.

So your night begins after you sink into your enormous booth, heavily fortified by velvet ropes. Your hostess bestows you with your iPad to browse cocktails—and if you think the Tzar Martini is just the thing for the hot tub Memorial Day party you’re planning, email the recipe to yourself. (Also, the hostess’s number.)

When your companions are ready to deal, they’ll want privacy. And 150 kinds of vodka. So you’ve arranged some quality time in the vodka vault, a clear glass chamber cooled to 27 degrees, in full view of the room (good thing you’ll be swaddled in faux fur coats). Toast your new partnerships from shot glasses made of ice.

The Siberian version of a Jell-O shot.


Tzar Ultra Lounge
215 W Ontario St
Chicago, IL, 60654


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