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Taking S’mores to the Next Level

UD - S’more To Love It’s warm out.

The sun is shining. The breeze is breezy. And best of all, the Friday is Friday-ing.

So it would make sense if your thoughts were entirely consumed by what you’ll be expertly grilling this weekend.

Yep, we’re thinking marshmallow-and-chocolate-stuffed graham crackers as well.

Presenting S’more to Love, essentially a mini shark-cage for creating campfire-style s’mores right on your grill or in your toaster oven, available now.

Fade in: it’s Memorial Day. The grill still has the warm glow of burning embers down in its gullet, while in your gullet lays a few pounds of red meat. You and a few Celtics dancers are completely happy. Then, your brain sends the unmistakable “s’mores, now” command rocketing through your body (in between “perhaps one more brat” commands). That’s when you’ll pull this out.

First step: assemble six s’mores in the little encasements crafted into the cage. Second step: throw the cage on the heat. That’s pretty much it. You’ll be able to monitor just how gooey and ooey your little marshmallow wonders are getting, and when the time is right (hint: it’s when the chocolate is dripping off the bottom cracker), you’ll pull them away from the flame for instant, non-campfire-forged s’mores.

This way there’s a real bathroom nearby, too.

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