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We love a good farmhouse, whether it's the rural, weekend-in-the-Hamptons kind or the sleek, modern, dinner-in-SoHo kind.

And if you're not quite ready to brave the Memorial Day Hamptons crush, dinner in SoHo will do nicely.

Welcome to Hundred Acres, your new go-to farmhouse spot, opening Thursday.

The doors may look familiar from the previous tenants (Provence, for the curious) but the mood this time around is more Bucks County than Lyon. It's not the planks and boards you'd expect in a farmhouse, but the photos of the inside of a rural house should get you in an agricultural mood. If that doesn't do it, the garden room inthe back will be sufficiently charming. Communal tables instill some small town friendliness, and the collective vibe doesn't stop there. The owners plan to keep half the tables open for walk-ins, so you can feel free to indulge in a little rural tardiness.

In keeping with the rampant folksiness, the chefs couldn't be bothered with anything as boring as a fixed menu, so the menu changes daily based on how the Greenmarkets are doing. We'd watch for the Chicken-Fried Rabbit, fried in buttermilk to keep things moist, and the Softshell Crab Sandwich, which should give you a whole new perspective on handheld crustacean.



Hundred Acres
38 Macdougal St
(between W. Houston and Prince St)
New York, NY, 10012


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