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A Fresh Start for a Wicker Park Saloon

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This past weekend... just warm enough. Fresh air. A few good beers. Shenanigans. Anything was possible.

But the forecast for this week: well, pretty much the same thing.

Here to make sure the weather cooperates: Standard Bar/Grill, which is not just a fresh start for the former Loft Six Ten space, but also your insurance policy against the fickle spring.

The first thing that you’ll notice is the massive, two-story sliding garage door (nothing gets past you). So on days when the weather is almost, but not quite, perfect for the patio, they’ll swing this baby up, and you’ll find your hair gently brushed by those warm breezes that Milwaukee Avenue is famous for.

Now, the second thing you’ll notice is... everything else. The bones of Loft Six Ten live on: the second-floor loft above the main bar, the massive wagon wheel swinging above your head, an appreciation of good booze in the form of a Root Beer Float martini.

The menu has been thoroughly reworked, making the Standard that rare bar where you can come with a big group to watch the playoffs and know that shaved truffle mac and cheese or just your standard pork belly Reuben is close at hand. The late-night menu ensures you can get that Nutella-slathered Stuffed Chocolate Waffle right when you need it most.

Which is immediately.

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