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Going Crocodile Dundee in the Outback

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It’s May Day, so naturally we want to talk about one thing: Crocodile Dundee.

The accent. The knife throwing. The splendor of Linda Kozlowski in her prime.

And how you’d be the perfect star for the remake...

Welcome to Wildman Wilderness Lodge, a secluded expanse in Australia’s Mary River Wetlands, now open.

Your journey begins with a choice—whether to drive in from Darwin, or to take a private chopper. (Ask yourself what Crocodile would do.) Once you’re there, you’ll pick from 10 stand-alone cabins—imagine a cross between a country bungalow and Jackie Treehorn’s beachside estate—or reserve one of 15 safari tents. (And by safari tents, we mean fully furnished pads with decks.)

Everything but the tents was at a cattle-rustling resort in Queensland. It was then loaded onto trucks and moved 1,700 miles away to the Northern Territory... with a few upgrades. Like an outdoor deck with an infinity pool. And a fire pit, where you’ll swap stories after a dinner of char-grilled Barkly Tableland Scotch Fillet.

During the days, you’ll Paul Hogan it, jetting across lotus-covered marshes on high-speed airboats, hiking to aboriginal rock paintings in the Kakadu, spearfishing barramundi, croc-spotting by helicopter and cruising the lodge’s billabong, complete with a resident 14-foot crocodile nicknamed “Big Ass.”

No word on its sister, Kourtney.

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