The Yard

Going Yard

The Cosmo’s New Outdoor Rec Room

The center of the Strip has seen it all.

Rogue white tigers. Synchronized swimming competitions in the Bellagio fountain. Cher, at 60.

And now, your next high-stakes, Olympic-rules foosball tournament.

Introducing The Yard, an astroturfed area for all manner of bar-style recreation, day drinking and sports watching at the Cosmo’s Boulevard Pool, now open.

Essentially, it’s a basement rec room (including the Sports Illustrated swimsuit calendar) moved outdoors and overlooking Las Vegas Boulevard. Except instead of darts there are pairs of bikini-clad showgirls playing ping-pong, keeping track of Kobe’s PPG and challenging any takers to a rousing game of Cutthroat.

So say that after commandeering the PS3 in your poolside cabana at the Cosmo, you’ve lost the NBA Jam title on a technicality. And settling the score requires more than a rematch.

You’ll gather recruits (swimwear required), order a Peruvian Punch from the Tiki Bar and head over to The Yard. Claim a foosball table, choose teams—remember gender equity here—and decide on the buy-in.

Between rounds, you’ll want to refuel with something from the Overlook Grill, so post up at a table, order pork tostados and watch whatever sport happens to be showing on one of the eight flat-screens (competitive spelling, hopefully). Just lay off the video games—you need to rest your forearms for the second foosball round.

Because it’s all in the forearms.


The Yard
at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
3708 Las Vegas Boulevard S
Las Vegas, NV, 89109

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