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After-Hours Cocktailing in a Bank Vault

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We have some sensitive information.

Top-secret, Jason Bourne–level stuff.

We’re risking our security clearance just to bring this to you.

It concerns a heretofore undisclosed stash of late-night Schlitz-steamed mussels.

Prepare to rendezvous this Friday around midnight at The Bedford, a new late-night lair located inside an old bank vault.

You’ve probably picked up some chatter about this place, located in a 1925 bank in West Town—upstairs is now a garden-variety chain drugstore, but downstairs is something dizzying and glorious. They’ve turned the marble teller counters into bathroom sinks. Two tons of safe-deposit boxes are now walls. The walk-in vault: a Don Draper–worthy drinking den. And then there are a few essentials every bank should have: a bar in front and a ping-pong table in back.

As the crowds line up for a dinner of Wagyu flap steaks with housemade tater tots and Scallywag Punch (available in convenient punch-bowl size), you’ll hold off until 11pm. Then look for the out-of-place wooden door next to the CVS on Ashland and Division. Immediately head downstairs. The dinner melee will be finishing, but over the din of rock music, ask to see the other menu. The late-night menu. The one rife with Canadian-bacon-topped burgers. With deviled eggs sprinkled with powdered bacon. With french fries with béarnaise sauce.

In other words, a balanced meal.

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