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A Coffee/Wine Bar Hybrid in Wynwood

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It’s on the way. You can feel it.

The heat. The humidity. The steaminess of it all.

Pretty soon it will be impossible to do anything outside, and you’ll be in need of a well-chilled hideaway. Well, we happen to know a place...

Say hello to Lester’s, an airy lounge offering you all sorts of indoor comforts and a potent trifecta of coffee, wine and beer—opening Thursday in Wynwood.

Think of this place as your old college library reading room, but subtract the dusty stacks of books and bad cafeteria coffee and add highbrow literary rags, the sexy magazine Jacques and a wall covered in photographs of mustaches. There’s not a traditional food menu, but they stock typical coffee shop grub, and there’s free wi-fi and plenty of communal tables ripe for you to stake out with your laptop.

It’s the kind of joint where you could sit for hours noshing on crab cakes and empanadas and sipping pinot noir. Or use it as an easy morning den for coffee and biscotti, or a mid-day hideout for a craft brew and rendezvousing with that Wynwood sculptress you’ve been courting.

Sculptors are partial to IPAs, we hear.


2519 NW 2nd Ave
Miami, FL, 33127


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