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Taking Indonesia by Schooner

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All great voyagers have their vessel.

Magellan commanded the Trinidad. Hemingway had El Pilar. Captain Ron: the Wanderer.

And now, you: a Balinese sailboat named Silolona.

Welcome to Silolona Sojourns, a new option for privately chartered cruises through the Indonesian islands, taking reservations now.

First, let’s talk ship. Silolona’s handcrafted from hardwood by native boat builders, modeled after a traditional Indonesian cargo ship and will be your base for wayfaring for roughly eight days. There are five suites below deck, three of them king (we’d take the spacious Bali), three on-deck lounges (where you’ll take your rum swizzles) and a fully certified PADI dive center.

You’ll choose your basic route—reliving the days of the Dutch East India Company in the nine Spice Islands, for example, or hanging out with eight-foot reptiles in the Komodo Archipelago—and then tweak your journey at will. The woman behind this operation is pretty well-connected, so if you want to schedule, say, a quick twilight beachside talk from a renowned astronomer, well... she knows a guy.

Or if, at the end of a long afternoon of diving with manta rays, you just want to relax on the beach and watch the sun set over the sea... while getting a head massage... while buried to your neck in pink sand, that’s also a possibility.

The manta rays want it this way.

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