The Dogs of Summer

A Different Class of Grill Fodder

It may be a little early for the al fresco scene—you found that out the hard way last weekend—but it's never too early to start thinking about grilling. The first step is finding something fresh to put on the grill...

Allow us to suggest D'Artagnan's Duck Hot Dogs: three ounces of uncured, skinless, farm-raised duck, squeezed into a form you know and love.

You might remember D'Artagnan from their adventures in bacon, but this time they're turning their impeccable French pedigree to Coney Island's largest cultural export. And while you may not think of buying your foie gras and your hot dogs from the same purveyor, they're prepared to change your mind, offering up a frankfurter free of antibiotics, nitrates, hormones, additives and whatever other unsavory filler finds its way into the dogs you occasionally buy on the street.

If duck isn't quite to your taste, D'Artagnan also offers a buffalo hot dog, fresh from their free-range ranch in Canada.  And if you need a little truffle butter to go with it, you won't have to look too far.

Because everyone knows that it's not the size of your hot dog that counts, it's the quality of your condiments.


D'Artagnan Duck Hot Dogs

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