Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House

Eagle Eye

Wagyu Rib Eyes and Killer Views at Liberty Wharf

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The marathon is over. You finished third. Not bad.

This means plans for an epic celebratory meal this weekend are in motion. You know: 32-ounce Wagyu rib eye steak and a meaty bottle of red. And right on the water.

Allow us to show you to your seat...

Introducing Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House, your humongous waterfront beef chalet for all things steak, seafood and insane views, opening this Saturday at Liberty Wharf.

Your first order of business: deciding between a view of the skyline or a view of the harbor.

For the former, grab a seat at the bar or one of the leather thrones in the cocktail lounge. Over a few 18-year scotches and Crisp Duck Steaks, you’ll drink in the downtown cityscape (looks almost as good as the view from your penthouse).

But if you prefer the sights of fishing boats and planes with your 16-ounce veal porterhouse, just sit anywhere. There isn’t an obstructed harbor view to be had, from the plush high-backed booths to the outdoor heated patio (you’ve always loved the sound of jumbo jets with your seared veal).

Then again, you and about 70 friends may want something more secluded. For that, hit the private dining room, stocked with a separate A/V system and a 120-inch drop-down projection screen.

Yes, they can get the playoffs on it.

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